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Health Difficulty Climbing

Up and Down Stairs

Gait Abnormality

Senior Man Struggling to Use a
 Walker. His Adult Son Is Helping.

Elderly Lady with a Walker and Home Care Nurse

Gait Abnormality


Gait abnormality is a deviation from the normal gait of movement with an unusual and unmanageable walking, running or climbing pattern that typically results from dysfunction of the nervous and/or musculoskeletal systems. The muscular and skeletal system provides form, stability, and movement of the body.


Gait abnormality can be caused by a condition, disease, illness, disorder or injury of the inner ear for balance, brain, feet, ankles, legs or spine. Causes of gait abnormality condition, illness or disorder include ataxia, brain abscess, brain tumor, carbon monoxide poisoning, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular accident, cervical spondylosis, chondromalacia patellae, congenital hip dysplasia, conversion disorder, foot trauma, fracture, guillain-barre syndrome, head trauma, hemophilia, herniated lumbar disk, hip dysplasia, infection, legs that are different lengths, liver failure, manganese poisoning, medications, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, myelopathy, myositis, osteoarthritis, parkinson disease, peripheral neuropathy, pernicious anemia, peroneal muscle atrophy, peroneal nerve injury, peroneal nerve trauma, polio, poliomyelitis, polyneuropathy, pregnancy, psychological disorder, shin splints, spinal cord disease, spinal cord trauma, spinal cord tumor, spinal disc herniation, spinal muscle atrophy, stroke, syringomyelia, and tendonitis.


Symptoms of gait abnormality vary in scope and characteristic, to mention a few, such as a rigid posture, stooped with the neck and head bent forward or legs flexed slightly at knees and hips with knees hitting or crossing when in motion or a foot dragging or dropping while walking. Rehabilitation of certain gait abnormalities often improves the gait. Range of treatment may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychiatric counseling, walking retraining, climbing retraining, motor skill development, exercise therapy, leg braces, splints and the support of family and a caretaker.

Solution for Climbing Stairs with Gait Abnormalities

Acorn Stairlifts understand the difficulties that reduced mobility of gait abnormalities can bring, and so have created safe, comfortable and simple solutions. Acorn Stairlifts can take you up and down your stairs effortlessly, in safety and comfort. The Acorn Stairlift has safety sensors, smooth start and stop, and safety belts as standard.


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